The right website can help you succeed in your website ventures. A good web host can ensure 99.99% uptime for your site. This means that you would always have your web presence on the Internet and would not have a down time for your sites. Uptime guarantee is one thing that you should check when choosing a web host.

If you are new to the Internet world, it is also important that you get a web hosting that are newbie-friendly. This means that they should offer one-click publishing tools that can help you create websites in just a matter of minutes without any technical know-how or HTML background. If you are to choose a web host, it is important that you compare services, packages and pricing to get the best deal out of your money.

Web hosting industry in India is preparing to server a diversified client base as demand for so many different kinds of web sites are emerging. The difference in hosting depends on the different web design India based businesses are using to build their websites. You would need to ensure the server operating system to ensure whatever script you use is supported by the hosting platform. Here is some of the different web hosting platforms available in India.

Windows and Linux hosting

This variation depends on the operating system used to run the server that is hosting your site. If it is run by windows operating system is called windows server hosting and in case of Linux it is called Linux based Windows hosting. Both these operating systems are very efficient but there are certain web scripts these operating systems run more efficiently than others. So before you pick a hosting ensure you have the right server operating system.

E-Commerce hosting

E-Commerce sites are also very much in demand in India as many businesses are launching sites which are capable of buying and selling products online. It is important that one picks a good hosting provider which has the experience and resources to host an e-commerce site efficiently.

There are many other kinds of hosting platforms available which will allow you to host your site.