A large percentage of the world's population will soon have a mobile device and the internet access. From the early days of large super computers and mainframe computers, to the smaller personal, desktop and laptop computers, information technology today is accessible via handheld devices such as pocket PC, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smart phones, e-book readers, and any similar mini device offering PC-like functionality. The requirement of mobile web development and mobile application development is inevitable with so many future users of these compact devices.

These new age smart phones typically have touch screen display (notably iPhone) or miniature keyboard (BlackBerry) for input, and combine all the facilities offered by a standard cell phone and a computer, including Wi-Fi internet connectivity. These devices work similarly like a computer, and therefore have fueled the demand for developing customized applications to run on them. Developing mobile web application is the new area that looks into creating computer-like applications for mobiles.

Mobile application development is generating a lot of activities these days, due to free availability of various application development platforms (Java, Android, and BREW among others). Web Development Lab is offering a host of services related to application development for mobile. We can develop custom mobile applications for features such as games, calendar, to-do lists, email, text messaging, and all other features a computer would offer.