‘Change’ is the word that drives the Telecom industry. With new networks and technologies popping up every day, change is what controls the consumer requirements and next generation trends. To keep up with the pace of this fast and demanding market, telecom companies are increasingly losing their grip on cost saving strategies.

Our understanding and experience of telecom and networking infrastructure, protocols and systems help us to provide our customers the exact solution that they need. We work in the following domains of the telecom sector:


Also known as Interactive Voice Response System, IVRS automates interaction with telephone callers. It reduces your overall expenditure by cutting down on the cost of common phone calls to and from your company. We help you setup and manage your own IVR platform and develop customized voice solutions to suit your needs. We also implement voicexml and callxml which reduces capital and operational expenditures.


We integrate Voice over IP or VOIP for our client for various mobile applications as well as desktop applications. This solution is based on open SIP protocol and RT. Implementing it will provide effective and complete communication for online community users. We have extensive knowledge of media protocols and their implementation like Jingle, G.711, G.726 and more.


Protocol Stack

We have experience of working with varied VoIP protocols including SIP, IAX and H.323 among others. What we do is create a PBX system, an IVR system or virtually any other kind of communication solutions for our clients. We work on every aspect from very small IP PBX systems to massive carrier media servers.

OSS Implementation

We have considerable experience of working on various OSS platforms. We provide implementation, customization, migration and support services for our clients. We not only add new services by building new task engines or primaries for our clients but also add new devices to their network or integrate with other systems such as billing, customer invoicing for VoIP and customer care.

We provide the following features:

  • Drivers for various VoIP protocols.
  • Drivers for PSTN interface cards and devices.
  • Routing and call handling for incoming calls.
  • Outbound call generation and routing.
  • Media management functions
  • Call detail recording for accounting and billing.
  • Transcoding
  • Protocol conversion
  • Database integration for accessing information on relational databases.
  • Web services integration for accessing data using standard internet protocols.
  • Single and mult-party call bridging.
  • Call recording and monitoring functions.
  • External call management in any programming or scripting language
  • Event notification and CTI integration
  • Speech synthesis in various languages and dialects using third party engines
  • Speech recognition in various languages using third party recognition engines.